Education Nina
–  B.A. College of New Rochelle,
Studied with Ernest Thorne Thompson AWS

Selected Awards



Juried Memberships


“Experiencing a painting by Nina Maguire is like catching the scent of a once familiar perfume- evoking memory, filling the viewer with a sense of nostalgia, of a time and place lost but not forgotten…”

Maguire is known for the intimacy and magic of her muted palette acrylic paintings. Focusing on subjects that have personal value to her, she imbues her canvases with atmosphere, sentiment and warmth. Maguire paints New York City under the veil of fog and snow, obscuring details in order to create a pervasive mood- so that a time period is irrelevant- it could be 1940 or 2017.

Maguire began her career as a watercolor painter, before turning to acrylics as her medium of choice. By using many glazes and layers of paint application, she is able to achieve a richness and luminosity typically associated with oil paint. She has explored new surface textures for some paintings using sekishu rice paper mounted on canvas, creating a more tactile experience for the viewer.

Nina Maguire’s career has been distinguished by extensive exhibitions in the New York and New England areas, numerous Juried Memberships and a multitude of awards including ones received from The National Society of Painters in Casein & Acrylic, The Catherine Lorrilard Wolfe Art Club, International Society of Acrylic Painters, American Artists Professional League, National Association of Women Artists and Audubon Artists.